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The Home Environment Center provides solutions for indoor environmental pollution. We have solutions to purify and soften water and to reduce airborne contaminants and odors including smoke, musty odors, and pet smells. Specializing in sinus irrigation and natural remedies, we help our customers reduce dustmite, pet, and mold allergic reactions. Our non-toxic plant based cleaning products, personal care items, and household products are personally tested and used by our staff and we guarantee that they REALLY WORK!

We are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality environmentally friendly products and services available.

Bottled Water
Water Softeners
Winter Blues
Air Filtration Units
L.B., Cherry Valley

I am a severe asthmatic. I used to wake up at least once a night, unable to breathe. Since I have used the dustmite proof encasings on my mattress, box springs, and pillows, I have not had to get up and use my inhaler in the night. I know I sleep much better and I wake up without congestion.